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Welcome! English Test Practice and Prepare (www.ienglishtest.com) is a great online resource for students and tutors who are working for English tests, like TOEFL, IELTS, GRE, and SAT.

To provide high quality service, we need your email address as identifier to enrich features and keep your individual temporary data. This is why we encourage you have an access code and sign in.

At www.ienglishtest.com, there are 2 types of access code: Student and Tutor.

Student account is for all web apps of www.ienglishtest.com. If you are studying for English tests, please create or modify your Student account here.

(If you are tutor of English tests, please create Tutor account at Tutor Account.)

Tell us your user type, email address, and home language, we will create a new account for you; the free access code will be sent to your email box very soon. Then, please sign in by the email address and access code.

You can adjust or cancel your account anytime.

Not all services are free at www.ienglishtest.com, although the access code is free. For student account, we will charge $4.99 for all services of website per year from 2014 after 30 days trial period. If you are not convenient to do any payment, we encourage you choose resources and apps of English Test Vocabulary, it is a pure free website and powered by Pacific Lava English School too.

Please notice that we will clean student account and remove temporary data after 30 days for unpaid ones. If you back to English Test Practice and Prepare, and find your account disappears, simply request a new one to restart.

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